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First Aid Supplies

Going to the forest or some distant location do not forget about the emergency situations. Care about them in advance and buy first aid supplies.

How should I choose first aid supplies if I am going camping?

When camping you should take precautions about your safety as you may not be able to get medical assistance in case of emergency therefore first aid supplies must be carefully chosen. Insects bites, dangerous reptiles that live in the forest present danger. Activities at camping bring to scratches, scrapes and etc. So you should be well-equipped for security. If you buy a typical camping kit to provide you with first aid supplies, then you will have everything necessary for you. Buying the kit you should pay attention to the design of the box. It must be light and easily accessible because only such kits are effective in case of emergency.

What should a kit of first aid supplies include?

There should be scissors, first aid tape, tweezers, cotton swabs, gauze bandages of small and big size, antiseptic wipes, pain relief spray, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, hydrocortisone, medical gloves, a breathing barrier kit, a blanket for emergency, thermometer. These are minimal requirements though some other items can be added if you wish such as insect repellant, eye wash, antiseptic solution, water purifying tablets, pain relief medicine, calamine lotion and etc.

Can I buy the first aid supplies separately and not buy them in a kit?

You can, but we would not advise you to do it because not all can carry it out in a right way. Only medical staff is able to assess wisely what is required actually. Therefore if you still buy the items separately follow the list given for you. Medical kit was developed with careful consideration about all possible situations that may arise when something unexpected happens and the person requires urgent medical help. But take into consideration that after you use some item it is necessary to replenish the kit and first aid supplies.